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we love a good story

Ahoy, we are Sarin + Kathryn, founders of ANCHOR

our story

Every good story has a meet-cute, this is ours. 


Let's set the scene. We’re both at the Calgary Public Library with our not so quiet kiddos, they meet and start having the time of their lives. We lock eyes, start up a conversation and realize we have many things in common, among which is our current contract work focused on social media.
We started dreaming and scheming, while thinking up ways to work better (together) to help our clients get more out of their social media. We both share a deeply rooted love of storytelling, and want to offer more by combining our backgrounds in marketing + communications with our social media expertise. Fast forward and voila! ANCHOR is born and ready to work with brands to get them the attention they want, and deserve, on their social media platforms.

Through strategy development, content creation, platform management, coaching and support, we work with brands to build their audience, spark conversation and create engagement through meaningful storytelling.

Let us help you navigate your social media and share your story.


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